Simple to Convert KML Files to AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4

Doubt about Converting KML
"Is there a way to convert .kmz or .kml Google Earth tour files in to MPEG format? I am currently looking for a way to convert a Google Earth .kmz or .kml tour file to an MPEG file or any preferable movie file format. I'm wondering if the situation has changed so someone with Google Earth Free is able to convert a .kmz or .kml tour file in to some type of regular movie file format like MPEG."

"I have seen Google Earth tours that are converted to some kind of video file that have been placed on YouTube... I'm not sure if all of these people have the Google Earth Pro app with the Movie Maker Module, or if any movie format editing software can now handle .kmz or .kml Google Earth tour files."

What is KML Files?
KML stands for Keyhole Markup Language. The KML file format was originally developed by Keyhole Inc. for the Keyhole mapping application. It is now used primarily by the Google Earth application, although other mapping programs have been known to use this file format as well.

KML files use XML format to store geographic modeling information. These files contain lines, points, images and polygons. They are used to label locations and create overlay textures and camera angles for the maps that are created by the mapping applications.

Reply about Converting KML
I search much information about KML, and this is what I found…

1: The .KML is just an .XML file... it is not a video file at all. The .KMZ is just the .KML file zipped up with the extension changed to .KMZ. These are tiny 1 kb to 5 kb files, even for a Google Earth tour that is 2 minutes long. So there isn't much there to get a hold of.

2: The Google Earth Pro Movie Maker Module is the only way to sort of treat .KML or .KMZ files like they are video files and convert them in to working video files... the GE Movie Maker Module now comes stock in the $399 Google Earth Pro app.

3: If you want to convert the video files on Google Earth, Video Converter and Video Converter for Mac can help you convert KML video files to AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4, MOV, MPEG-2, FLV, etc with ease.

4: Alternative, mostly people who have posted these GE animated travel-tour files on YouTube, etc., have used is a desktop recorder/video capture app that simply records the GE tour playback from the desktop and then makes a video file in AVI, WMV, MPG, MP4 formats.

5: That's all I found, if you have better suggestions, please leave the comments, or send e-mail to me.

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