How to Convert MXF Video Format?

Sony XDCAM, Panasonic or Canon XF series camcorder record video in MXF video format, which can't be widely supported by various applications or devices. It is very necessary for us to convert MXF.

First, if you want to play MXF on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S2/3/4, Note 2/3, HTC One etc, you will need to convert the MXF to MP4 on Mac.
Second, if you want to edit the MXF video with Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas etc, you'd better convert the MXF to AVI.
Third, MOV is the main video format supported by Mac OS X, if you want to play or edit MXF video files on Mac, you should convert MXF to MOV iMovie and MXF to Final Cut Pro Apple Prores MOV.
Fourth, 4K video is coming. You will need to convert 4K MXF now, such as Canon C500 4K MXF to FCP.
Fifth, will you want to upload MXF video to Youtube for share? I am so sorry, as Youtube can't support MXF video files, so you need to convert MXF to Youtube FLV first.

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