How to extract specific PDF pages for using

Q1: “How to extract one page from a PDF file?
I have a 2 page PDF document that was emailed to me and I need to extract one page (or copy) so that I can send that to someone else (only the 1 page).

Q2: “How do I extract 3-4 pages to make 1 pdf document out of a 50 pg pdf doc?
I want to email myself a 50 pages in one swoop and then later, back at my laptop, extract only a handful of specific pages and make separate pdf docs for each of my groupings. How do I do this?

Most of PDF files are including many pages. When we get this large from website or friends, do you want to extract some useful/needed page ranges from the whole PDF file? Then save these specific PDF pages to a new file.

PDF Editor has a useful function called “Extract page” for extracting pages from PDF files. With the powerful PDF Extractor, users can extract current page, page range or specific pages from PDF file. Then you can view, edit these extract pages and then you can save them as a new files with PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, RTF, TXT, etc for reusing.

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Simple steps to extract pages from PDF on Windows or Mac

Step1: Add PDF file
After running the PDF Editor, you can click “Open” or “File” > “Open” to find and load the PDF file to the PDF Editor (for Mac).

Step 2: Extract pages from PDF Page Tab and choose Extract page to get the below pop-up window. Then you can choose PDF pages for extracting (Current Page, From x to x, or Page range). Then click OK.

Extract Pages from PDF

Step 3: Edit extracted PDF pages
After choosing the pages and click “OK”, you will get a new interface for editing these extracted PDF pages. You can edit, merge, split, crop page or insert image, text, etc.

Step 4: Save extracted PDF files
All setting done, click “Save” button, you can choose the file type (PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, TXT, RTF) from the format list. Then click “Save” to save these pages to a new files.

Choose Output format

(34.6MB) Only $69.95 Mac Version

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