How to send large PDF files via email?

"I scanned a 241 page document into a PDF and need to email it. However, none of my email accounts, including my work account, will allow me to send a file that big. It's 143 MB. I have already tried compressing it into a zip and that only brought it down to 123mb. Is there a way I can split the large PDF document to some small ones for sending?"

Because email clients limit the size of an attachment, so we often have the problem as above user. For sending a large PDF file through email, the best method is to split large PDF to several smaller ones with a PDF Editing software.

PDF Editor is a professional tool for editing PDF files. With simple steps, users can easily split large PDF file into some smaller segments. Then you can easily send PDF files with email like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and other email clients.

(34.6MB) Only $69.95 Mac Version

Step by step guide to split large PDF files for sending via email

Step 1: Load large PDF file
Double-click icon to launch the software, then you can click "Open" or "File" > "Open" to find and load the large PDF file to the PDF Editor or PDF Editor for Mac.

Load Large PDF for eMail

Step 2: Choose split by Number of pages
After loading PDF file. Click the Pages Tab > Documents and choose "Split document" icon and popup window will appear. Here, you can choose split PDF by Number of pages.

Split PDF by Page Number

Step 3: Split lager PDF
Finally, you can select the output folder and click "OK". The PDF file will be split to small ones by page numbers for emailing.

(34.6MB) Only $69.95 Mac Version

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