How to convert or save Excel files to PDF

"We have just started a new job in financial analysis. We have very old custom software and are in the process of searching for a new software. I need to save each individual Excel worksheet to its own PDF."

If you are using Office 2007 or higher, you can convert Excel to PDF with easy process. If you have an older version of Office, you need to converting them with a PDF Converter software. Here I will recommend a powerful tool for dong that. Let's find it out here.

PDF Editor is also a wonderful PDF creating software. Using it, you can save, convert or create Excel spreadsheet or workbook to Adobe PDF file format even without installing Microsoft office software. Then you can share the Excel file as the popular PDF format with your workmate and also makes a file that can be read by users who don't have Excel.

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Simple three steps to convert Excel to PDF on Windows or Mac

Free download PDF Editor or PDF Editor for Mac for both computer users. Then install and launch it.

Step 1: Run the software
After running the software, click "Convert" tab to reveal the submenus. Then click "From File" for adding the Excel files.

Step 2: Load Excel files
After clicking "From File", you will get a pop up interface for creating PDF. Then click "Add Files" to import Excel files to the software.

Import Excel Files for PDF

Step 3: Save Excel as PDF
Finally, click "Create" button for converting Excel file format to PDF format. Then you can find the generated PDF files in the output folder.

Convert Excel to PDF

Tip: After converting Excel to PDF, you also can edit these PDF files with the PDF editor tools like insert, split, merge PDF files, etc.

(34.6MB) Only $69.95 Mac Version

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