How to split PDF by bookmark on Windows or Mac

Is it possible to split a PDF by top level bookmarks, while retaining existing bookmarks in the resulting files? With the default split it creates the new PDF's, but looses the bookmarks.
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PDF file format is safe and dependable. So most of documents in official, government, school are using PDF. So when you get a large PDF files, do you want to split this PDF as some small segments by bookmark. Of course, we don’t want to choose the hefty and expensive adobe acrobat. Here, when recommend a useful and simple tools for doing that.

PDF Editor, is a PDF Splitter by bookmark, which can help you split large PDF files to smaller PDF files by bookmark without Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. The converted PDF files can preserve all contents like text, images, etc. Of course, you also can split PDF file by page number. There are two version PDF Editor, PDF Editor for Mac for both Windows and Mac users.

(34.6MB) Only $69.95 Mac Version

Guide to split large PDF files to several PDF files by bookmark

Step 1: Open PDF files
After running the software, click “Open” or “File” > “Open” to find and load the PDF file to the PDF Editor or PDF Editor for Mac.

Open PDF Editor for Split

Step 2: Choose split by bookmark
Click the Pages Tab > Documents and choose “Split document” icon and popup window will appear. Here, you can choose split PDF by bookmark.

Choose Split PDF by Bookmark

Step 3: Split PDF by Bookmark
Then select the output folder and click “OK”. The PDF file will be split to small ones by top Bookmark.

(34.6MB) Only $69.95 Mac Version

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