Convert between Flash WMV and other formats

WMV is a video compression format for several proprietary codecs developed by Microsoft. It is widely used by Microsoft media players. It is the main video format in Windows platform. However, WMV is not a available format for Mac users or some portable devices like iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Tablet, MP3 players, etc.

So many people want to convert WMV videos to other popular format like convert WMV to Kindle Fire, WMV to M4A, WMV to iMovie, etc, also can convert other video files to WMV like MTS to WMV, Blu-ray to WMV, MOD to WMV, etc.

Why convert WMV files or create WMV files?

WMV is not friendly video format for some players, editors or Mac users. So we need to convert WMV to other popular format on Windows or Mac computer.

Convert Blu-ray to WMV: WMV is a more popular video formats than Blu-ray for some windows players or editor. By converting Blu-ray to WMV, you can play and edit WMV video without any problem.

MOD to WMV: Can’t play MOD files with Windows Media Player or edit MOD footage with Windows Movie Maker? Best way is to convert MOD to WMV on PC.

WMV to M4A: Just want audio in your WMV files? Simply extract audio from WMV and save as M4A or MP3 and you can enjoy it on iOS devices.

WMV to iPad Mini: iPad Mini helps you to enjoy music, movies and other digital content anywhere, but not WMV files. A WMV to iPad Mini Conversion is recommended to play WMV on Apple iPad Mini.

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